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majBOT – Next-gen CX that’s automated, yet human

Customers today expect to be able to resolve their issues conveniently at any time and through whichever channel they choose. The customer journey has taken center stage, which means that the customer experience a company offers has become an important competitive differentiator. At the same time, as a result of changes in the labor market, human resources in customer service need to be used as efficiently as possible and in a way that creates the most value. That’s where majBOT can help – it’s the ultimate combination of intelligent technology and human skills – expertise as well as empathy.


In majBOT, we have combined Majorel’s deep understanding of customer communication – gained through 30 years of successful customer experience management – with our partner OmniBot’s leading voice technology, and the human touch of our passionate team members to deliver a next-gen customer experience that’s automated, yet human.

majBOT offers these benefits

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Stronger customer loyalty

Optimization of the customer experience through outstanding customer service

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Expanded service capacity

Optimized use of staff through automation of customer requests

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Maximizes your most valuable contacts

Qualified service staff can focus on conversations that create value

The ultimate combination of intelligent technology and human touch

Our solution combines a deep understanding of the dialogs and processes involved in CX management – gained through 30 years of experience partnering with leading companies worldwide – with a next-gen conversational AI platform. To do this, we make the most of our strengths: our CX designers create the dialogs and train the bot continuously. Supported by natural language processing (NLP) and a human-like voice, the bot takes over defined requests. Our customer care professionals are there to help your customers whenever needed.

Automated interactions – as natural and human as possible

Our experienced CX designers teach the voice and chat bots to seamlessly resolve customer issues while making the interaction as natural and pleasant as possible. They define the bots’ communication style and supply them with the most important expressions specific to your industry and your brand. Trained in this way, our bots understand what customers explain in their own words and respond to it in almost the same way as our human customer care professionals do. For the bots, the learning process continues non-stop in everyday life – our CX designers monitor the machine learning processes and ensure the bots are always correctly trained.

Higher quality with our hybrid model

The bot and our customer care professionals complement each other perfectly. An outstanding customer experience is the basis for close customer relationships. But human contact is not the best alternative for every interaction. We use automation where it’s effective and the human touch where it’s a win-win – a win in customer loyalty, satisfaction, or sales. The hybrid solution also plays to its strengths in complex requests, complaints or when the voice or chatbot reaches its limits. Our empathetic and capable employees take over the conversation absolutely seamlessly and optimally respond to your customers with the necessary tact and sensitivity.

Expansion of your service capacity – even at peak demand

The combination of automated and human interaction is the ideal answer to the growing demand for efficiency and an increasingly tight labor market. By resolving standard requests through automation, our bots lightens the load on its human coworkers and increase the capacity of your contact center. Extremely scalable and flexible, they can be reached without wait times – around the clock, even when call volumes are high. Not only does that increase efficiency: it also contributes significantly to the satisfaction of your customers. For exceptional situations involving peak demand, we offer solutions that take care of your customers and support you in overcoming also this challenge.

Flexibility and efficiency through a modular setup

We offer the right bot for every application – whether individual modules for specific use cases or a complete industry solution. Our modular structure, consisting of our basic bot and optional add-on application modules, gives you the flexibility to add processes and capabilities to your bot at any time according to your needs – and it ensures your setup phase is short. And if the right module for you isn’t in our line-up, we’ll develop it for you. Our bot can be easily integrated into any system and incorporated into your existing voice channels, chats, websites and apps.

Always headed for tomorrow’s solution

To create an even better customer experience, we’re constantly working on optimizing and expanding our modules and complete solutions. We continuously test new features and technologies to explore potential use cases and let our curiosity lead the way to innovative solutions. Naturally, we always have tomorrow’s needs in mind.

In OmniBot, we’ve found a partner who shares our passion and continuously develops its platform – always on the cutting edge.

The right bot for every job

With our basic bot, we offer an attractive entry-level package to efficiently solve customer requests and automatically answer frequently asked questions. We also offer you the option of expanding your majBOT solution at any time with modules and add-ons individually tailored to the requirements of your company and your industry.

Basic bot

Our basic bot can take on the following tasks for you

Comprehensive service from a single source

majBOT offers you a comprehensive service from a single source. We handle the implementation and operation of the bot for you. In addition to dialog design, this includes training in live operation as well as maintenance and monitoring of the bot to continuously optimize the user experience. Our well trained and empathetic teams complement the bot perfectly and take over those conversations where the human touch adds value – for your customers or for you. You benefit from our many years of experience in a variety of industries.



  • You benefit from our 30 years of experience in customer experience management and our extensive industry knowledge. With this background, we ensure that processes and dialogs are precisely tailored to your needs.
  • Our operational experts bring their wealth of experience from customer service. Their in-depth knowledge of conversational dynamics and content ensures our bot dialogs are goal-oriented.
  • Our CX designers incorporate their extensive UX and bot design expertise into the crafting of your bot.

Support & Consulting

Support & Consulting

  • We handle the entire setup of the bot: Design, training, and optimization are all done by our accomplished team of experts.
  • We are at your side in live operation too, taking over maintenance and monitoring of the bot and continuously improving it together with you.
  • As part of our consulting services, we identify further use cases together with you to harness the potential of automation and continuously optimize the customer experience.

CX Operations

CX Operations

  • Our passionate customer care professionals are at your clients’ side whenever this adds value or becomes necessary.
  • They live your culture and work as your extended team.
  • Naturally, we offer the operational excellence that you’d expect from a leading CX company.

With a wide variety of modules to create the optimal solution

Expand your basic bot to suit your needs. Our numerous add-on modules are easy to implement and can be freely combined. And if the right module for you is not in our line-up, we’ll develop it for you.

Add-on modules

Our add-on modules enhance the basic bot with processes and capabilities such as


For specific use cases and industries, we offer preconfigured voice and chatbots that can be flexibly adapted to your needs. We continuously add new products to our portfolio.

Industry bot

Every industry has its own specific use cases and processes. Our industry bots are designed to optimally meet the requirements of your industries - from dialogs and expressions to processes and infrastructure.
Our industry bots contain the following components:
  • Industry-specific dialogs
  • Industry terms
  • Authentication with industry-relevant identifiers
  • Automation of the industry's most important use cases and processes
  • Ticketing and IT infrastructure

Peak management bot

When you are faced with exceptional circumstances, our peak management bot supports you in handling extraordinarily high volumes of customer contact – for a short time or on a permanent basis. Not only does this lighten the load on your service team, it also improves the customer experience with short wait times and round-the-clock availability.
The peak management bot helps you manage peak loads by handling:
  • Customer authentication
  • Master data change
  • Data recording & ticket creation
  • Sending a confirmation
  • Document upload via URL

Branch support bot

When your branch employees are faced with technical difficulties or a system malfunction, our branch support bot supports them in a fast, uncomplicated and scalable way. This allows your employees to immediately get back to their core tasks and helping your customers. By monitoring the reasons for calls, we also contribute to system optimization.
The branch support bot automates requests related to your branch with the following modules:
  • Authentication
  • Prioritized announcements
  • Data recording & ticket creation
  • Forecast adjustment
  • Appointment & callback scheduling

About us

We design, build and deliver next-generation end-to-end CX solutions for many of the world’s most respected digital-native and vertical leading brands. Our comprehensive east-to-west global footprint in 36 countries across five continents, with around 69,000 team members  and 60 languages, allows us to deliver flexible solutions that leverage our expertise in cultural nuance, which we believe to be essential for true excellence in CX. We have deep domain expertise in tech-augmented front to-back-office CX. We believe the ‘Majorel difference’ to be our culture of entrepreneurship.


The conversational AI platform offered by OmniBot enables develop scalable voice assistants and chatbots for virtually any use case. To do this, OmniBot leverages the latest machine learning and deep learning technologies and features proprietary speech technologies such as speech recognition, voice biometrics and classification systems. The Germany-based start-up already lists well-known companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Volkswagen, Majorel and others in Europe, the USA, Asia and South Africa among its partners and customers.

Alexander Witte, Head of digital Business Unit GEE, Majorel
Alexander Witte

Head of Digital Business Unit GEE

Louisa Hasse, Consultant Digital Business Unit GEE, Majorel
Louisa Hasse

Consultant Digital Business Unit GEE 

Tirza Plenz, Junior Consultant Digital Business Unit GEE, Majorel
Tirza Plenz

Junior Consultant Digital Business Unit GEE


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